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Model No: VCM-002
Microcontroller-based sequential counter module, pre-programmed with vehicle detection and counting
Two (2) optically isolated, voltage-free loop detector inputs
Supports two (2) modes of operation, namely: Totalizer Mode and Slot Count Mode
Provides jumpers for hardware configuration of operation modes
Standard RS232 serial communications interface enables setting of initial count; setting of maximum parking capacity; and reading the current count and mode setting
Maximum count value is 9.999
Built-in 3V Lithium battery to store and preserve the last vehicle count during power failuers
On-board RESET button to set the initial count to the pre-stored maximum capacity under Slot Count Mode; or to set the count to zero under the Totalizer mode
Wall-mount, flanged ABS plastic enclosure, off-white color, with cable gland on wire entry
Supply input: 220VAC +/- 10%, 60Hz
Overall dimensions: 12cm (W) x 24 cm (H) x 7.5 cm (D)
Proudly Philippine made with assurance of local technical support & after-sales service
One year limited warranty
Typical Configuration
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Vehicle Counter Module
The VCM-002 is a dual-channel, stand-alone counting module, specially designed to monitor the accurary of vehicle traffic in a carpark management system. It can be used to count the number of vehicles entering a parking area, and at the same time count the number of parking slots available.

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