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Multi-Color Aquarium Lamp
Model No. AQL-01
Brighten Up Your Space with Amazing Colors
Provides multi-color changing effect or steady display of selected color
Allows manual setting of emitted color to match and enhance fish hue
Remembers the last color setting even when power is removed
Easy two-button operation fro power on/off and steady color change selection
Has soft-on, soft-off function, so as not to startle the fish
Flicker-free and noise free operation. No "hum" sound normaly heard from fluorescent lamp ballast
Suitable for 2-ft to 3-ft length rectangular fish tank with 20" depth maximum depth
Low power consumption -- 10 watts typical
Comes with an external UL-approved 12VDC Wall adapter
Powder-coated metal enclosure with protective clear acrylic cover
Size: 24.25" (L) x 2.0" (W) x 1.5" (H)
Net Weight: 910g
Proudly Philippine made with assurance of local technical support & after-sales service
One year limited warranty
Ideal for aquariums in pet centers, restaurants, offices or homes. Also, great for indoor accent lighting applications.

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