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LED Window Message Sign - OPEN and SALE
OPEN       Model No: LMS-01
SALE      Model No: LMS-02
Displays multiple lighting sequence animations
Provides sequence speed control
Uses solid-state LEDs for longer life
Readable message even when viewed from the sides
Signage is visible up to 50 ft. under indoor ambient lighting or broad daylight
Low power consumption -- 10 watts typical
Comes with an external UL - approved 12VDC Wall adapter
Suitable for both indoor or semi-outdoor installation
Can be wall mounted or ceiling hung
Easier to maintain than conventional neon signs
Dimensions:  5.75" (W) x 10.25" (L) x 1.25" (D)
Net Weight: 520 g
Proudly Philippine made with assurance of local technical support & after-sales service
One year limited warranty
It's More FUN
to Say it with Lights!
LED Window Message Sign
Great for entrances of stores, restaurants, banks, and various commercial establishments

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