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GSM-based Car Alarm System
General Features
Allows the user to remotely monitor and control a vehicle using a mobile phone
Automatically sends an SMS text alert message to report any intrusion to the vehicle, such as when the door is opened, ignition switch is activated, trunk is opened or an optional shock or vibra-alert sensor is activated
Includes an Engine Killer Function to remotely immobilize the car engine
Uses the location finder services of a GSM provider to locate your vehicle. This feature is useful, especially when your vehile is stolen or towed
Deters unauthorized access to the vehicle by activating external devices, such as the alarm siren or park lights via optional auxiliary outputs
Has an Auto-lock feature, which when enabled automatically arms and locks the vehicle after its door is closed, and all other sensors are activated
Supports housekeeping functions, which includes inquiring load balance of the vehicle SIM card
Has secondary arming input, which allows an existing car alarm device to arm or disarm the system
All SMS commands are protected by a 4-character password
Default sensor SMS alert messagees can be modified by the user, if desired
Proudly Philippine made with assurance of local technical support & after-sales service
One year limited warranty
Designed for car protection. This GSM-based car alarm uses SMS to facilitate remote interactions with the vehicle security system. The unit automatically sends  SMS text alert to report any intrusion to the vehicle.

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