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General Features
Multi-state tap-switch type auto-transformer
Two-level voltage boost at low voltage (200Vrm and 180 Vrms) input, and two-level voltage cut at high voltage (250Vrm and 270Vrms) input
Operating input voltage: 165V to 280V rms AC, 58 to 62Hz
Load regulation output voltage: 220V rms AC +/- 10%
Regular AC Outlet for connectin to protected load
Provided with Fuse for protection against overload or "short-circuit"
Built-in transietn and surge suppressors
Power-On delay to prevent inrush current when power is initially applied
LED Indicators for On delay, voltage boost, and voltage cut
Approximate dimensions: 8" (L) x 7" (W) x 4.5" (H). Actual size may vary according to wattage of AVR. For example a 500W AVR will be slightly bigger than the 70W AVR shown above
Can be customized for your application
Proudly Philippine made with assurance of local technical support & after-sales service
One year limited warranty
Automatic Voltage Regulator
Appearance of a Typical 70W Automatic Voltage Regulator especially designed for a Water-Refilling Station to provide UV Lamp Protection.

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