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General Features
4-Channel aircon control board complete with  control relay logic, automatic voltage regulator (AVR), and CPU
Built-in over voltage and under voltage shutdown protection
Electrical fault monitoring and shutdown protection
Bypass switch input for each individual aircon unit
Dry contact relay outputs for aircon electrical fault, and high/low temperature alarm signalling
Cascadable up to three (3) slave motherboards via 3-wire RS485 communications network
Includes 2-digit panel-mount, thumbwheel push switches with harness and connector for setting sequence interval
On-board DIP switches for configuring hardware
Voltage-free contact input port for interface to external digital temperature monitoring device or thermostat
Self-contained power supply for AVR and relay control circuit, with transient and fuse protection
Overall PCB size:  29.14cm (L) x 25.56cm (W), approximately
Can be customized for your application
Proudly Philippine made with assurance of local technical support & after-sales service
One year limited warranty
Aircon Scheduler
Designed to control the operation of multiple airconditioning units in a preset sequence. Common application includes telecom shelters, conference rooms and the like.

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