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Versatile Load Protector (VLP-024D)
Digital Timer to regulate aircon use and save power
Electric Fan Outlet that is automatically activated when the aircon is off
Power-on Delay for Protection against suddent power interruptions
Remote Control convenience
Offers you 3           Advantage
12-hour solid-state countdown timer
Built-in 2-minute power-on delay for compressor protection during power interruption
Comes with sleek, handheld Remote Control for added operation convenience, to include one touch ON and OFF controls
Provides a multi-function pushbutton switch for easy single button operation, and quick last time setting recall
Lock/Unlock feature on the local pushbutton switch to prevent unauthorize access to Timer operation
Provision to change and save the preset operating hours
Built-in non-volatile memory that stores & preserves preset operating hours even in the absence of mians AC power
Energy-saving auxiliary AC outlet for electric fan
Tandem airon AC outlet for window-type units up to 2 horsepower
Uses heavy duty UL-approvded round AC line cord with sufficient length for flexibility in choosing mounting location
Compact, wall-mount flanged metal enclosure
Proudly Philippine-made with assurance of local support and after-sales service
One-year warranty
When the preset time counts down to zero, the Aircon-O-Miser automatically shuts off the aircon unit, and at the same time turns on the electric fan
Limiting the operating hours of your aircon unit can help reduce the power consumption. The desired operating hours per day can be staggered as needed
The device can also serve as a timer for other electric appliances with a maximum of 2HP or 4KVA load, such as TVs, radios and lamps
Typical Configuration
Model No. AMS-03
Digital Aircon Timer
with Power-On Delay, Electric Fan Outlet and Remote Control

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